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Kent Headshot.jpgFemale Executive Headshot Taken In Raleigh NC.jpgMale Headshot Taken Outside In North Raleigh NC.jpgCreative Headshot on Red Taken In Cary NC Studio.jpgMale Headshot on Charcoal Gray in North Raleigh Studio.jpgFemale Head and Shoulder 2A3A5514.jpgLawyer Headshot in Raleigh NC with Books.jpgTight Headshot of Female Taken In North Raleigh Studio.jpgCreative Headshot on YellowTaken In Cary NC Studio.jpgHeadshot of Lady in Rose Color Taken In North Raleigh Studio-c83.jpgMale Headshot Creative Lighting Outside Raleigh NC Studio.jpgHeadshot With Dog Taken Outside In Park.jpgLawyer Headshot in Durham NC in Front of Books.jpgHeadshot on White Background Taken In North Raleigh Studio.jpgCreative Headshot on Blue Taken In Cary NC Studio.jpgProfessional Heashot Taken In North Raleigh Studio 2A3A0478.jpgMatthew Headshot 3.jpgMegan Headshot Arms Crossed.jpgMale Headshot in Front of Bookshelf Taken In North Raleigh.jpgMegan Cap and Gown Headshot.jpgHeadshot of Male in Conference Room-c77.jpgExecutive Businesswoman Headshot with Arms Crossed.jpgLawyer Headshot in Durham NC in Front of Green Books-c12.jpgExecutive Businessman Headshot with Arms Crossed.jpg
Need On Site Corporate Headshots? David can bring the Studio to you for 5, 10, 25, 50, 100+ individuals.

Need An “Individual” In Studio Headshot Or Want The Studio To Come To You? No Problem!
All Images That Are Purchased Include Basic Post Production Editing – Ask For Details!

Headshots: Classic? Creative? Edgy? – What’s The Difference?

A classic headshot is the style that has been around for years. It’s a traditional head and shoulder vertical shot that has stood the test of time and still works very well especially when it is professionally shot and retouched.

A creative headshot can be defined in many ways. The way you define creative will likely be different than someone else. The goal is to discuss how you define creative and come up with a headshot that works for you.

An edgy headshot does not have to be provocative and borderline boudoir. Let’s keep it professional and something that you don’t mind the internet world seeing. Edgy is simply different. Edgy and creative can both cross over with each other, but in the end, edgy will likely be something very different that could fall under many different names. If you want to go beyond creative and discuss something that you may consider edgy (cutting edge, different), let’s talk about that. Gels can be used in the shoot. A composite (cut-out) can be completed in post editing and much more to create the edgy look that you want.

Headshot Photography Services: Business Profiles, LinkedIn, Corporate, Executive, Websites, Personal

If you are in need of a headshot for a business profile like LinkedIn, social media, company website or even for personal use, you have found the right website for your headshot photography needs in North Raleigh (Studio) and Cary (Studio). However, David also shoot on location anywhere in the world, so needless to say, he has the Triangle area well covered for professional headshot photography. If convenience is important to you or you simply prefer the headshots be taken at your location or an alternate location other than the North Raleigh or Caryt Studio, David can easily bring the studio to you for an additional fee.

The North Raleigh and Cary Studios have areas outside that work well for headshot photography. That means you can get in Studio headshots and/or outdoor headshots completed at either location. However, mobile services can provide both indoor and outdoor headshots as well. So no matter which option you choose, you are not limited to inside or outside shots (unless the weather is bad).

Professional Headshots Are Important For Your Image And Your Brand

Phones can produce some nice images and may work well for Facebook, but when it comes to a professional image like your LinkedIn Profile, Company Website, Printed Collateral, etc., you should really leave that up to a professional headshot photographer. Your image and your brand are reflected through photography. Don’t leave that image to someone with a “nice” camera or even worse a cell phone selfie. David here to help you portray your professional image properly through professional photography. David has literally photographed thousands of people over numerous years of shooting professionally.

Business & Corporate Headshots for Multiple People: Small Business to FORTUNE 500

It’s not uncommon for company’s to need headshots taken for 5, 10, 20 or even 30+ people photographed on location at the company or a company event being held at a hotel or other venue. David offer discounts for headshot photography that includes numerous people photographed within a multi-hour timeframe, full day or even multi-day if needed. David has lots of experience photographing top level executives and staff including many well known individuals and well known company’s. David is not just an “individual” in Studio photographers, but a photographer that can cover any need you may have including executive portraits, multi-person headshot sessions, group shots and much more as it relates to your professional headshot photography needs. The experience level and pricing for 5, 10, 20 or even 30+ people photographed on location will vary based on volume; however, David can discuss the details with you when you CALL 919-926-1878 or simply use the online web form.